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10 reasons to get lasik surgery

LASIK surgery has come a long way in the past 20+ years. Once considered an innovative and revolutionary solution to many vision issues, LASIK is now a vision treatment standard in the ophthalmology world.

Have Any Of These Vision Issues? LASIK Can Help!

Here are 10 reasons our patients pursue LASIK treatment and enjoy a lifetime of healthy vision.

You’re tired of wearing glasses or contacts

LASIK eye surgery addresses some of the most common reasons for wearing glasses or contacts, including:

  • Nearsightedness. Called myopia, nearsightedness makes it challenging to drive, recognize people from a distance, or see details of anything more than about six feet away from your eyes. Usually, this occurs because your eye is longer than average or the cornea has a sharper curve rather than a perfect round shape. This causes light to focus in front of the retina – rather than on the retina.
  • Farsightedness. If your eyeball is shorter than normal, or your cornea has a surface that’s flatter than round, light focuses behind the retina. While you can see things pretty well at a distance, closer things appear blurry.

Read more about the difference between near and farsightedness by Clicking Here.

  • Astigmatism. People with astigmatism have a cornea shaped more like a football than a sphere. This causes light to focus on two different points on the retina rather than one, making things look blurry, whether up close or further away. 

LASIK eye surgery can typically treat all of the above. That said, patients 50 or older may still require reading glasses due to age-related eye changes – specifically to the lens, which hardens as we age.

You regularly travel for work or pleasure

Are you tired of forgetting, losing, or misplacing your glasses or contacts when you travel? Talk to your optometrist or ophthalmologist about whether you’re a candidate for LASIK surgery. If so, you won’t have to worry about losing or misplacing your lenses again.

Contact lenses are perpetually uncomfortable

Some people simply can’t get used to contact lenses. We always recommend giving them a good couple of weeks (or longer) to let your eyes adjust. Otherwise, a range of things that can make contact lenses uncomfortable, so we like to work through the kinks with patients before throwing in the contact lens solution.

However, if you experience contact lens intolerance, we may suggest LASIK surgery for a lens-free alternative.

Workplace issues

Do you work in an environment that prohibits or warns against wearing eyeglasses or contacts on the job? Are you tired of layering safety goggles over your prescription lenses? It sounds like you’re an ideal candidate for LASIK, after which it will become a non-issue.

You wear eye makeup

What’s the point of wearing eye makeup if it’s hidden behind glasses lenses or if makeup particulates irritate your eyes while wearing contacts? Plus, women who wear eye makeup have higher rates of eye irritation and infection – especially if they wear contacts. We say ditch the lenses, embrace LASIK surgery, and show those beautiful eyes off to the world – free of any irritation.

You like to hit the gym, or the track, or the pool

Patients who like to exercise regularly love the feeling of exercising lens free. No more glasses sliding down (or falling off) the nose. And there’s no risk of losing, breaking, or misplacing your glasses while participating in your preferred exercise or sports.

Glasses inhibit your confidence or self-image

Patients who grew up wearing glasses as children often have a stigma associated with wearing lenses. Perhaps they were teased or felt like “a nerd.” Ironically, glasses enjoy a bit of a trend-setting status today. Even so, if wearing glasses takes away from your self-esteem or makes you feel less confident, LASIK surgery is the answer.

General comfort

Even if you’ve ditched the glasses and rely on contacts, odds are you’ve had your fair share of uncomfortable moments due to:

  • Allergy season
  • Dry eye (more prominent for those who wear contacts)
  • Trapped particulates on windy days or while doing indoor or outdoor chores
  • Having a torn contact without a replacement

LASIK surgery means never having to wear contacts again.

You’ll save money in the long-run

LASIK surgery has never been more affordable. When you add up the lifetime costs of eyeglasses, new prescriptions, contact lens replacements, contact care solutions, etc., we assure you that you’ll save money by getting LASIK surgery. 

In addition to offering competitively priced LASIK and other eye surgery options, our office also offers 24 months of interest-free financing for qualifying individuals. This brings your LASIK surgery costs to a bare minimum monthly payment (often more than the average coffee shop budget!).

You’re in an enthusiastic company

The satisfaction rates for LASIK surgery are impressively high. Patients with LASIK have a 96% to 98% satisfaction rate. The key to becoming one of the 96% group is to make sure you:

  • Pursue LASIK at a highly qualified and experienced LASIK center (beware those that offer deals too good to be true. You get what you pay for)
  • Have been assured you’re a good candidate. Some people are not good candidates for LASIK, but a greedy or incompetent doctor may lead them to believe otherwise.
  • Observe all of the post-operative LASIK care instructions to avoid infection or the risk of post-op complications.
  • Use preservative-free eye drops (and stay hydrated) to reduce the risk of dry eye.
  • Understand that you may still need reading glasses as you approach or exceed the age of 50. LASIK surgery addresses the anatomical shape or curvature of the cornea but cannot prevent or fix the hardening of the lens (which is the cause of age-related farsightedness).

Schedule A LASIK Surgery Consult At The Atlantic Eye Institute

Are you interested in learning more about LASIK surgery and whether you’re a good candidate for a procedure that results in clear, lens-free vision? Schedule a consultation with Atlantic Eye Surgery.

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