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When was your last eye exam?

Routine eye exams are a recommended cornerstone for ensuring the health of your eyes. In addition to checking for changes in your vision and updating your prescription, our doctors will also look at your overall eye health, internally and externally. Vision insurance plans provide coverage and discounts for routine eye exams, contact lenses and glasses. Most medical insurance does not cover routine eye care. Please check your medical benefits carefully prior to your appointment.

Medical eye exams are offered to address and treat medical conditions and diseases of the eye such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, conjunctivitis, or injuries to the eye. These and other conditions may potentially affect your vision or overall health if not treated properly and in a timely manner. Examinations for medical eye care, assessment of an eye complaint or to follow up on an existing medical condition are billed to your medical insurance plan.

A comprehensive eye exam at Atlantic Eye Institute includes:

  • Review of medical, social and family history
  • Visual acuity testing
  • Pupil assessment
  • Ocular motility
  • Confrontation visual fields (test to assess peripheral vision)
  • Eye pressure (glaucoma screening)
  • Refraction (test to determine eyeglass prescription)
  • Pupil dilation
  • Slit lamp examination (physician examination of the front and back of the eye)

Atlantic Eye Institute offers an alternative to dilation with the Optomap® Retinal Exam. The Optomap® provides a panoramic view of the back of the eye, displaying over 80% of the retina at one time. This allows your physician to screen the back of your eyes for any potential disease or condition without the need for dilating drops. If you elect for this option in lieu of traditional dilation, there is a $40 charge which is not covered by your insurance. Keep in mind, your doctor may still recommend traditional dilation based on the reason for your visit or findings during your exam.

Atlantic Optical

Regardless of where you have had your eyes examined, our goal is to ensure your glasses fit your needs, are delivered in a timely manner and enhance your life. Our trained opticians are here to assist you in choosing the perfect frame to fit your lifestyle.

Lens Options:

  • Varilux Progressive Addition Lenses – We offer both Varilux Progressive Addition Lenses ground with precision optics also available in wavefront advanced vision enhancement. Single Vision, Bifocal, Trifocal and Computer/Intermediate range lenses are available to answer any specific sport and hobby need.
  • Transitions® – Transitions® lenses provide “Healthy Sight in Every Light,” and answer all of the before mentioned requirements for a top performing lens. Transitions TM, which are lightweight and comfortable, also protect the eyes 100% from damaging ultraviolet light. They do not, however, answer the blinding glare problems many people encounter.
  • Polarized – Polarized is perfect for daytime driving. Many of our guests also wear polarized lenses for golf, fishing, and boating. These lenses offer greater protection in bright light environments.
  • Glare-Free Lenses – Glare-free lenses are recommended in all lens choices. These lenses prevent reflections that cause eyestrain and fatigue. They create clear vision by helping light enter the eyes and helps prevent disorienting glare. Crizal Avance with Scotchgard is a glare-free lens of choice. This is the latest generation of glare-free lens that offers the wearer an unprecedented level of lens performance and clarity.
  • Essential Blue Series Lenses – Essential Blue Series lenses help filter out Harmful Blue Light while letting in Beneficial Blue Light that helps regulate mood and sleep cycles.
  • Eyezen+ Lenses – Eyezen+ lenses are enhanced single vision lenses designed to help alleviate eye strain caused by viewing near objects such as tablets and smartphones for hours on end.

Materials play an equally important part in the choice of lenses. Protection, Comfort, and Maximum Visual Performance are among the top considerations in choosing the right material. Our opticians invite you to stop in often for free eyewear adjustments and cleanings. We offer small repairs, higher-powered reading glasses, and replacement nose pads. Eyewear frames, scratch-resistant lenses, and glare-free lenses are under warranty for a minimum of one year with the purchase of our premium lens options. We want to help you protect your investment in your vision and to love your glasses!

We offer a wide selection of sunglasses and frames. Here are a few of the trusted names in eyewear that we carry. Don’t see a brand you need? Call our office we may be able to help. Silhouette®, Tres Jolie®, Tura®, Oakley®, FYSH®, Versace®, Prada®, Nike Flexon®, Mira Flex®, Nautica®, Tiffany&Co®, RayBan®, Coach®, Michael Kors®, Kate Spade®, Tom Ford®, Burberry® and many more.

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