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If it’s eye-related, we can take care of it.

Atlantic Eye Institute believes in providing each patient with personalized, affordable, and effective solutions using the most advanced technology and surgical techniques. With four board-certified ophthalmologists and three board-certified optometrists, you can relax knowing that your eyes are in the hands of a knowledgeable and experienced team of doctors. Founded in 2000, Atlantic Eye Institute offers three convenient locations and emergency care to our patients 24/7.

Whether you are looking for a new pair of glasses or in need of surgery, we do it all! We specialize in LASIK, premium cataract surgery, cosmetic eyelid surgery, retina care, advanced glaucoma treatments and comprehensive eye care for every stage of life. Most insurances are accepted, and affordable financing plans are available through care credit.

Our services include:

atlantic eye institute Eye Exams

Eye Exams

Whether you are in need of a routine exam or are experiencing an eye problem, the doctors at Atlantic Eye Institute offer eye exams for every stage of life.

With an onsite optical at each location, our trained opticians are here to assist you in choosing the perfect frame to fit your lifestyle. Our goal is to ensure your glasses meet your needs, are delivered in a timely manner and enhance your life.

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atlantic eye institute Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Our Board Certified Optometrists specialize in fitting all types of contact lenses including complicated fittings for keratoconus and other corneal disorders, as well as, special contact lenses for patients with migraines. Whether you are a new contact lens wearer or have failed wearing contacts in the past, our staff is motivated to find a solution for you.

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atlantic eye institute Cataracts


Our physicians realize that every patient is different and has unique goals for their vision after cataract surgery. Fortunately, you have encountered cataracts at a time when both surgical procedures and lens implant technology have taken great leaps of progress. These advances allow us to not only treat the cloudy lens, but to give you the best vision of your life potentially!

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atlantic eye institute Dry Eye

Dry Eye

If you are suffering from dry eye syndrome, whether it is mild or severe, Atlantic Eye Institute offers a variety of affordable and effective treatments to improve your quality of life. During your initial exam, your doctor will work to identify the underlying cause of your dry eyes. From there, he or she will discuss which treatment options are appropriate for you.

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atlantic eye institute Cosmetic & Reconstructive Eyelid Surgery

Cosmetic & Reconstructive Eyelid Surgery

Atlantic Eye Institute can help patients with improvements in their appearance as well as in their vision. Our surgeons have unique knowledge of the eyelid and orbital anatomy as ophthalmologists trained in oculoplastics and have done thousands of eyelid procedures, on male and female patients, with natural, not artificial-looking, results. For those who wish to improve the signs of aging around the eyes and face without surgery, our practice offers effective, minimally invasive options such as Botox, Restylane dermal fillers and Latisse eyelash solution.

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atlantic eye institute Glaucoma


With early detection and treatment, glaucoma can almost always be controlled and vision preserved. However, glaucoma cannot be cured and once vision has been lost, it cannot be restored. Atlantic Eye Institute offers many treatment options to help you manage and monitor glaucoma including eye drops, medications, laser treatments and surgical options.

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atlantic eye institute Keratoconus


Atlantic Eye Institute is the only practice in Jacksonville to offer iLink™ corneal cross-linking, the only FDA-approved corneal cross-linking procedure that slows or halts progressive keratoconus. This treatment aims to arrest the progression of keratoconus, and thereby prevent further deterioration in vision and the need for corneal transplantation. If you have been told that you have keratoconus, schedule an appointment to find out if corneal crosslinking is your solution!

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atlantic eye institute LASIK


The key to producing the best results in vision correction surgery is to combine the best technology available with a skilled surgeon. At Atlantic Eye Institute, we offer a portfolio of vision correction procedures including LASIK, PRK, implantable contact lenses, and refractive lens exchange. During your personalized complimentary consultation, your surgeon will decide which procedure will be most appropriate for you by taking into consideration the results of your measurements, your needs and your lifestyle.

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atlantic eye institute Low Vision

Low Vision

Low vision is the condition of having reduced vision that is not correctable by normal means such as eyeglasses or contact lenses. During a low vision evaluation at Atlantic Eye Institute, Dr. Danielle Callegari will work with each patient to identify treatment options, which may include optical devices, techniques that will help utilize remaining vision, and / or environmental modifications to maximize remaining vision.

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atlantic eye institute Retina


At Atlantic Retina, Dr. Sushma Vance provides advanced diagnostic testing and minimally invasive treatments to manage retinal diseases and conditions such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and retinal vascular disease, retinal tears and detachments, uveitis, and inherited retinal diseases.

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