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Eyelashes are not just for cosmetic appearance. They work as a protective barrier to block foreign objects from harming the eye. When your eyes are open, pollen, dirt, dust and debris can cut the surface of your eye if they rub against it. Your eyelashes help to catch these particles. The blink response is triggered to protect your eyes if large objects touch your eyelashes. When you close your eyes, the curled lashes connect and form a seal to keep debris out. Eyelashes also work to keep bad moisture out and good moisture in. The curve of your eyelashes direct moisture such as rain and sweat away from the eyes which can help prevent irritation and infection. The good moisture is the tear film which keeps the eye moist and lubricated. Eyelashes work to prevent your tears from evaporating off of the eye. Our lashes fall out about every 5 months and typically take about a month to grow back. Aging can cause thinning of the lashes. Longer eyelashes tend to catch more debris and create a better seal when the eyes are closed. If you want to grow longer, fuller eyelashes try Latisse Eyelash Solution. Most people who use Latisse notice longer, fuller lashes by 16 weeks. Ask our cosmetic consultants for more information!

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