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If you take good care of your glasses, they can last you for several years. Here are some tips on how to keep your investment looking and feeling like new.

1. Don’t Wipe Your Lenses When They’re Dry

On the surface of the lenses, there can be tiny dust particles or debris. If you try to wipe them without any moisture involved, the dust and debris can cause scratches. One of the most common mistakes people make is cleaning their glasses with their shirt. Avoid this habit as your shirttail is likely filled with dust that can easily do damage to your lenses!

2. Clean With Glasses Cleaner

We recommend that you use eyeglass cleaner, rather than household cleaners as they can damage any anti-reflective coating your lenses may have. Dry with a clean, soft cotton cloth. Doing this once a day will keep your glasses looking like new!

3. Keep Your Glasses In Their Case

When you aren’t using your glasses, make sure to put them back in an appropriately sized hard-shell case. Don’t throw them in your purse, pocket or bag unprotected. Be careful about leaving them on the countertop or vanity as well. Hairspray, cosmetics, and perfume can damage any anti-reflective coating your lenses may have.

4. Handle Glasses With Care

A common problem many practices see is misaligned frames. This can often happen when glasses are put on and taken off roughly or with one hand. Remember to use two hands when handling your glasses to keep them straight and aligned as long as possible.

5. Stop in for Adjustments

If you notice your glasses are sitting a little crooked, stop in and allow our friendly opticians to adjust them for you at no charge. Doing it yourself may damage them further and lead to a costly break.

If you have any questions or need an adjustment, feel free to stop in one of our optical shops today. No appointment needed!

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