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Work with Atlantic Eye Institute:

Refractive & Cosmetic Surgery Coordinator


  • Sales and/or service experience
  • At least 1-2 years of ophthalmic tech experience
  • Ophthalmic Certification preferred but not required
  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to effectively multitask
  • Strong computer skills
  • Superior communication skills both oral and written
  • Must present a professional image
  • Physical requirements include the ability to occasionally lift up to 25 lbs., kneeling, standing for a long period of time, and sitting for a long period of time.

The Refractive Surgery Coordinator is responsible for creating an environment in which patients ultimately choose advanced refractive procedure options. This is achieved by enhancing the patient experience to a higher level of service and education than patients expect. The coordinator will control all aspects of scheduling refractive patients including education, eliminating barriers, reviewing expectations, covering pre and postoperative instructions and scheduling surgery. He or she must be knowledgeable in the most current refractive surgery options including LASIK, PRK, Implantable Contact Lenses, Refractive Lens Exchanges, and Corneal Crosslinking.

The Refractive Surgery Coordinator is also responsible for conducting oculoplastic consultations for upper and lower blepharoplasties, ptosis repairs, and botulinum toxin & dermal filler treatments.


  1. Act as primary phone intake, point of contact for Refractive Surgery patient inquiry, counseling and consultation scheduling as well as initial information gathering.
  2. Conducts preliminary vision screening tests including; acuities, lensometry and corneal topography.
  3. Presents information in a balanced manner on the benefits of treatments to prospective patients. Conducts patient interviews and case histories. Educates patients in risks and benefits of Refractive Surgery as well as payment options.
  4. Conducts preoperative exams including; acuities, lensometry, refractometry, pupillometry, corneal topography, applanation tonometry, instilling eye drops, ultrasound biomicroscopy, pachymetry, and contact lens insertion and removal.
  5. Implementing all facets of leads management system including; follow-up phone calls and correspondence required to maintain patient relationships with the practice.
  6. Planning and coordinating marketing communications in conjunction with the Marketing Director, including direct marketing, public relations and corporate benefit programs. Participating in events and health fairs to educate and promote the practice is a vital part of this position and will require additional hours.
  7. Provides assistance with training staff on matters related to the department.